Freehand S Switch and Bottom Feeder 510 Connector


Switch plate for the Freehand S. Fits all Freehand S mods. Self-adjustable 510 Connector for the Freehand S mod.

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  • Freehand S Switch
    Switch plate for the Freehand S. Fits all Freehand S mods. Available in 3 natural Stainless Steel finishes as well as Cerakote coated. Laser engraved logo comes as standard.
    Cerakote is a military grade Polymer-Ceramic coating used for coating weapons while the material the beauty rings in this collection are made of is a type of highly durable food grade

    Freehand S Bottom Feeder 510 Connector
    Self-adjustable 510 Connector for the Freehand S mod. Two types are available: 24mm Flush (accommodates all atomizers regardless of their size, beauty ring compatible) and 22mm Recessed Catch Cup style (accommodates all atomizers up to 22mm diameter, the catch cup acts as a guard against juice)
    The connector has a large movement so all atomizers have perfect contact regardless of their make, with or without a beauty ring.
    The Freehand S Bottom Feeder Connectors dual O-ring design makes it is 100% liquid and air tight and due to its modular design, you can always take it fully apart and clean it if needed.
    The internals are made of Delrin and the central pin is Silver coated Brass.

  • Specification:


    Bottom Feeder 510 Connector:
    24mm Flush
    22mm Recessed Catch Cup self-adjustable
    Standard 510 threading

    Diameter: 24.0mm
    Height: 20mm + 6mm bottle pin

    Stainless Steel/Silver coated Brass

    Freehand S Switch:

    Stainless Steel

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