Wicket Mono Lite

The Wicket Mono is a singe 18650 regulated mod.

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    You can choose from a variety of finished mods or stabilized wood or natural wood blocks as well as a wide range of polymers or special industrial materials and apply custom finishes on them like a mirror finish.

Technical Specification

– Style

The Wicket Mono Lite is a singe 18350/18650 unregulated mod.

– Design

This minimalistic mod shows only the firing button on the front, while  the battery compartment is  positioned at the bottom of the mod. There are no visible screws on the body and no glue was used in the making and assembling process thanks to smart engineering behind the Wicket design.

– Modular

The Stainless Steel tube visible through the cutout at the back of the mod can be easily changed with another design and matched with the fire button on the faceplate, giving you an array of custom options without the need for any tools. All other components, including the chip cradle can be removed and replaced if needed.

– The body

We Were able to machine off most of the block’s material, leaving a thin, yet super tough shell, finished off by hand for a premium finish.

– Chip

The RAM chip’s main purpose is to fire the mod and keep you safe. Automatic shut down if a short circuit occurs or when the battery is depleted. It has an 8 sec puff limit if you ever accidentally activate the mod as well as a 3 click lock/unlock feature. This smart switching chip works under 0.2 Ohms. (Please check the Amp rating of your battery)

– 510

The Wicket Mono features a one of a kind 510 connector with less parts and no small parts inside. It’s adjustable through the battery cap. By tightening the battery cap, the battery will push the 510 system up and by doing so, adjust the 510 to the perfect height for your atty. You can also position the AFC holes of your atty to your liking. This 510 system delivers more power to your atty by lowering the internal resistance of the mod.


– Walnut

The classic, made from the finest Walnut timber. Comes in a natural finish which will age and weather over time.

– Gloom

The military polymer Wicket, the toughest one yet! If you need an everyday carry mod, this one is for you! Fully customizable to suit your style it will easily become your daily companion. Comes in a fine frosted finish.

– Bliss

The white Delrin is semi translucent with a fine frosted finish.

– Gloomtem

The Wicket with an industrial look made out of a solid block of PEI, it’s tough enough to withstand anything you throw at it.

– Bespoke

We offer a wide range of materials to which you can apply custom touches according to your personal preference. You can choose from a variety of finished mods or stabilized wood or natural wood blocks as well as a wide range of polymers or special industrial materials, apply custom finishes on them like polishing to a mirror finish, Cerakote coatings and custom engravings.


Walnut, Gloom, Bliss, Ultem, Stab Wood

Battery Size

18650, 18350



Device Type:



18350 – 49 X 33 X 25 mm, 18650 – 79 X 33 X 25 mm

Weight (Without Battery):






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