Limelight was founded back in 2013 and since then, we have been making high end mods and accessories enjoyed by vapers around the world.
Every Limelight component is a fully custom made piece built by hand, in our workshop in Central Serbia by a small but dedicated team of enthusiasts who enjoy making and using custom pieces.
Each component is exclusively designed and made in the house giving us the freedom to develop unique designs and solutions giving you the ultimate vaping experience.
All Limelight products are covered by the Limelight lifetime warranty by which we stand behind each product.

All products available for direct purchase are labelled “IN STOCK”, however, some chosen options for a particular product may cause a few days delay.
On the other hand, all products that aren’t available at the given moment can still be ordered after which we will notify you when they will be ready for shipping. In this case you will be asked to pay only once the product is complete.

It is very important to take care of your product and use it as intended.

Maintaining Walnut wood: Natural wood will age and weather over time from use, this is a natural process. All natural wood products should be regularly maintained with wood feeding oil or wax. It is very important to keep e-liquid away from the wooden surfaces. If the e-liquid does get on the wooden surface, wipe it off and rub in some wood maintaining oil. If you however leave the e-liquid on the wooden surface for a longer period of time and it stains the wood, use an alcohol soaked cotton bud to wipe it out, let it dry then apply wood maintaining oil. Never let the wood soak in e-liquid or it will cause the wood to change its color permanently and/or warp.


Maintaining stabilized wood: Stabilized wood has been impregnated by a special process. It is generally liquid proof but if it’s in constant touch with e-liquid, eventually it will stain and/or swell. All stabilized wood mods without a clear coat come micromeshed and polished by us. In order to keep your mod pristine, you may apply wood maintaining oil occasionally.


Maintaining clear coated mods: Clear coated mods, Walnut or stabilized wood ones regardless are protected by a semi-ceramic surface coat. The coat protects the wood and gives it shine. The coat is durable and resistant to scratches and will preserve the wood from weathering. The downside of a clear coat is that it’s prone to cracking if the mod is hit with a sharp object or dropped. Also all repairs on such mods require stripping the mod apart and re coating it. No maintenance is needed for this coat, just a wipe with a microfiber cloth will have it looking as new. Again, avoid any e liquid coming in touch with the mod as the internals are not coated and they may soak up the liquid damaging the mod.


Maintaining Alloy parts: Alloy parts found in e-pipes can develop scratches over time, they can be buffed out (Using Scotch Brite pads for brushed surfaces and using a polishing compound for polished surfaces)


Maintaining Silver coated parts, threads and moving components: All joints, moving switch parts and threads should be regularly cleaned with alcohol and it is advised to lube them with a thread compound such as Noalox for better conductivity and prolonged battery life.


Maintaining the mods in general: You should look after the following when using your device on a daily basis:
Keep e-liquid away from the mod. If it makes its way on or in the mod, wipe it off or disassemble the mod in order to clean the inside
Do not drop your mod. If you do, please remove your battery and check everything is in working order.